NPT Day 13: half time comments

Posted by Rebecca Johnson

As the NPT Review Conference enters its third week in New York, Main Committee 3 (nuclear energy) is continuing its deliberations in Room 4 and Subsidiary Body 1 (practical nuclear disarmament) is dissecting the Chair’s first draft in Room 2. We gather that the Committee I report — incorporating the forward looking disarmament plan of action from SB1 — will be reissued later today after ironing out the rather hasty mashing together of two different reports on Friday.  Acronym is busy sounding out different governments’ attitudes to the Committee Chairs’ initial draft reports the Iranian-Turkey nuclear deal and the report on NATO released by Madeleine Albright’s selective little group,

Later today we’ll issue a summary of nuclear energy related issues raised through the last week in Committee 2.  Meanwhile, check out my latest article on openDemocracy, titled  NPT Conference: Half Time Glass Half Full.

This article discusses the growing frustration now being expressed about the failure of the nuclear weapon states to honour agreements made at previous NPT Conferences.  Looking at three key areas — nuclear disarmament, the Middle East and safeguards, I argue that this time the NPT outcome needs to adopt not only a menu of good ideas, but to give itself direction, accountability and muscle to translate commitments into action.

Later today Acronym hopes to send out a summary of the nuclear energy committee’s main debate.

Meanwhile, we draw your attention to the excellent research and summaries contained in NPT News in Review, published by WILPF’s project ‘Reaching Critical Will’, especially today’s analysis, the fruit of a weekend of sifting through the conference documents and reports.  I find it immensely heartening to see this bright and dedicated group of young people carrying forward so brilliantly what Acronym started in 1995 (not to mention 2000, 2005 and other disarmament meetings in between), with the consequence that I’m able to change the way I cover these meetings and focus on other matters (including sleep)!

So do check out the RCW website, not only for the NPT statements and documentation, but for the excellent reporting in News in Review as well.

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