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NPT Day 25: SUCCESSFUL adoption of Conclusions, recommendations and action plans

by Rebecca Johnson 3.40.   The NPT Plenary finally gets underway in the GA at 3.30 pm and by 3.40 the President, Libran Cabactulan of the Philippines had gavelled down acceptance of the most substantive, forward-looking part of its draft final document (see p 17 onwards, which contains the action plans on nuclear disarmament, nonproliferation […]

NPT Day 24: Future Hope or Failure?

Posted by Rebecca Johnson After a day of to-ing and fro-ing among small knots of senior diplomats between meetings rooms in the UN and diplomatic missions, the President of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Conference, Ambassador Libran Cabactulan of the Philippines, held a brief plenary at 5.30 pm Thursday to distribute the draft final document […]

NPT Day 23: Amid confusion, UNSG calls for success

Day 23: Amid confusion, UN Secretary-General encourages successful outcome by Rebecca with snippets from Carol and Meena No-one quite knows what is happening at the NPT Review Conference, but there are many excellent theories, growing depression and only two days to go. At the beginning of the conference we had identified four kinds of possible […]

Day 22: NPT President’s consolidated draft declaration

Day 22: NPT President’s consolidated draft declaration Posted by Rebecca Johnson If you went to the UN Mission of the Philippines on Fifth Avenue at midnight on Monday you could pick up the first draft of a potential final document from the President of the NPT Review Conference, Ambassador Libran Cabactulan.  The rest of us […]

NPT Day 21: Push Back by nuclear addicts

Day 21 : Push Back by nuclear addicts Posted by Rebecca Johnson Oh dear oh dear oh dear! Today in Main Committee I we were treated to what looked like a semi-coordinated Push Back by the P-5 Nuclear Weapons Addicts.  One by one they took the floor to complain about a number of places where […]

NPT enters final week: High Stakes, Disarmament and Middle East

by Rebecca Johnson, with input from Daryl Kimball on US-Iran sanctions 23 May  2010 The second phase of the NPT Review Conference has come to an end. None of the reports has been adopted by consensus as there are still a handful of outstanding areas of disagreement and certain delegations are holding onto their national […]

NPT Day 18: Updates, downgrading HEU and non-strategic weapons

by Rebecca Johnson with contributions from Carol Naughton (on HEU), Meena Singelee (MC III) and Cole Harvey and Miles Pomper of the Monterey Institute (non-strategic nuclear weapons). Update on Main Committee II MC II is close to consensus on most issues, but as the Chair, Ambassador Volodyrmyr Yelchenko (Ukraine) noted in his interim report back […]

Day 16: Interim updates on Committees II and III

posted by Rebecca Johnson, with input from Meena Singelee Main Committee II is close to consensus on most issues, but as the Chair, Ambassador Volodyrmyr Yelchenko (Ukraine) noted in his interim report back to the plenary yesterday, there are a few issues where proposals on the table are mutually exclusive.  With the exception of the […]

Day 15 at NPT: Taking Stock, NPT and UK

Posted by Rebecca Johnson The Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference President Libran Cabactulan (Philippines) held his 14th plenary late on Wednesday 19th May to “take stock”. The three Committee chairs all reported that negotiations were proceeding on the basis of the draft reports issued last Friday, and that they planned to have revised drafts available […]

Day 14: NPT Sidelined by Sanctions Resolution on Iran

Posted by Rebecca Johnson As Main Committee II and the subsidiary bodies on institutional issues (SB3) and practical disarmament (SB1) ploughed on with negotiations over text,  I was planning to devote today’s blog to the need to address the problems raised by the particularly destabilising class of short-range nuclear weapons variously described as non-strategic, sub-strategic, […]